10 years ago
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  Should Beginner Golfers Take Lessons?

Absolutely, positively, most certainly yes!

Do you have to take golf lessons? No, not at all. Can you learn the game of golf and improve? Of course you can, and this is the avenue some choose to take.

But beginners should always look into lessons. You will simply pick up the game much more quickly. Like many hand-eye coordinated sports, the golf swing is not easily mastered, and if you want to eliminate frustration and get good at it, you’ll show improvement much more quickly if you are taught the correct way to play from the very beginning.

Chances are, if you have decided to take up the game you most likely have researched the expense involved, many will tell you, “golf can be a expensive hobby”. Buying clubs, golf apparel and paying green fees will all add up, but these expenditures are not necessary at the beginning. A good idea would be to spend your initial investment on LESSONS.

Individual lessons usually range from 30 minutes to a hour. A typical price range might be from $25 per session to more than $100 per session. Discounts are frequently available for people who sign up for a series of lessons (say a package of 4-6).

There is however another option and perhaps the best way to begin your journey, CLINICS and CLASSES. These are group lessons where everyone attending is at the same skill level and will surely eliminate the intimidation factor you may feel in a private lesson. Clinics are far less expensive than a private lesson and when your just starting out, take full advantage of this method it can reduce your costs considerably.

Taking lessons simply makes learning the game much easier, and improvement in your play takes place much quicker.